Davis edges Schivley in Vallejo mayor’s race; two newcomers join council

Sampayan, McConnell, Hannigan win election to three City Council seats
Posted: 11/09/2011 01:17:41 AM PST

This time Osby Davis won by nearly 600 votes. It was close, but nothing like the first time.

Vallejo Mayor Osby Davis, right, visits in the kitchen of his campaign headquarters Tuesday night with Rosemary Thurston while waiting updated election results. (Mike Jory/Times-Herald)

Davis, after trailing much of the night, eked out a victory early today against Councilwoman Joanne Schivley for a second term as Vallejo’s mayor.

Council candidates Bob Sampayan and Robert McConnell, who were aligned with Schivley during the campaign, were also elected along with Davis ally, incumbent Erin Hannigan. They defeated four other candidates, Jesus Malgapo, Johnathan Logan Jr., Matthias Esoimeme and Sam Kurshan.

In the second city election since Vallejo filed for Chapter 9 bankruptcy three and a half years ago, voters seemed to be leaning toward a new majority. It’s not certain if one will surface with Davis’ reelection. Four years ago, he defeated former Councilman Gary Cloutier by a few votes after a recount.

Sampayan, a retired Vallejo police officer, said he was “very, very excited” about the early results showing him leading the seven-candidate field for the council.

Sampayan said if he will make it a priority to hire a new city manager, and hopes to be part of public town hall meetings to hear constituent concerns.

Davis, Vallejo’s sitting mayor and a long-time former Solano County Supervisor, said early in the evening that he was quite comfortable with the neck-and-neck race that developed early in the evening.

“The history of my elections has shown that as the evening goes on, my votes get stronger and stronger,” Davis said at his campaign headquarters.

Schivley’s defeat will mean her departure after three council terms. Not only will she leave, but Councilman Michael Wilson opted against re-election.

Hannigan said Tuesday night she believed she had run a successful and targeted campaign and that her voting record seemed to have held up in the eyes of voters.

Having only two mayoral candidates led council candidates to line up behind one or the other. Both Davis and Schivley have been publicly at political odds for the past four years. The mayoral candidates also distanced themselves from each other over backing for a proposed 1 percent sales city tax increase. Davis was for it and Schivley was against it.

At Springbrook Masonic Temple, Liat Meitzenheimer and her son Brian said they turn out for every election.The two said they do not always agree on politics, but were aligned for this election in favor of Schivley, McConnell, Sampayan and Hannigan.

Resident Tracy Richardson, voting at the Community Presbyterian Church, said he supported Davis.

“I wanted the mayor to get re-elected to have an opportunity to see through things that he started,” Richardson said.

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