Davis edges Schivley in Vallejo mayor’s race; two newcomers join council

Sampayan, McConnell, Hannigan win election to three City Council seats
Posted: 11/09/2011 01:17:41 AM PST

This time Osby Davis won by nearly 600 votes. It was close, but nothing like the first time.

Vallejo Mayor Osby Davis, right, visits in the kitchen of his campaign headquarters Tuesday night with Rosemary Thurston while waiting updated election results. (Mike Jory/Times-Herald)

Davis, after trailing much of the night, eked out a victory early today against Councilwoman Joanne Schivley for a second term as Vallejo’s mayor.

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Graffiti remains a critical issue in Vallejo

At first glance, Vallejo’s Mike Schreiner might appear to be something of a fan of the city’s graffiti.

He has a binder devoted to Vallejo’s graffiti artists, exposing years of chronicling the public vandalism. After years of studying local taggers’ work, he’s so familiar with it, he even recognized one Vallejo tagger’s signature while on vacation in Tahoe. The tagger, he deduced, must also have been on vacation with his parents.

But the long-time city maintenance assistant superintendent is anything but a fan. For the past 15 years, he’s declared war on spraypainted and markered vandalism of city property.


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Mission to Peru offers lessons, opportunities for two healers-in-training from Solano County

For pre-med student Joseph Lapid, doctoring involves more than learning.
It means teaching.

Children in Cuncani, Peru show off their newly-learned flossing skills. Pre-med student Joseph Lapid, 19 of Vallejo, and friend Susan Kang, of Fairfield, volunteered their time to teach dental hygiene and basic first aid in rural Peru towns over the summer. (Courtesy photo)

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Vallejo hospital volunteer putting in countless hours

Laguardia 'Mac' McEachin is a seemingly tireless volunteer at Kaiser Permanente Medical Center in Vallejo. The volunteer accomplishment board behind him had to be readjusted to register his more than 23,000 hours of work in 13 years at the facility. (Mike Jory/Times-Herald)

Before most people have awakened, LaGuardia McEachin — “Mac” to most — is already helping put people back to bed.
McEachin has spent nearly 23,000 hours working to ease the nerves of Kaiser Permanente Vallejo Medical Center’s patients about to undergo surgery. None of McEachin’s approximately 200 fellow hospital volunteers in Vallejo have logged in even half that number.

The hospital even had to add a whole new heading to its volunteer board, which lists volunteers by time donated. Right now, McEachin alone fills the 20,000 or more hours slot.

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Applications for medical marijuana position under review in Vallejo

Vallejo’s plan to regulate and permit its proliferation of medical marijuana dispensaries has drawn four applicants interested in taking on the job as a consultant.The consultants’ interest in overseeing the several- month project comes even as a city ballot measure authorizing taxation of medical marijuana dispensaries is set to go to public vote in November.

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State bankruptcy law gains traction

A contested piece of municipal bankruptcy-limiting law has neared approval as the state Legislative session draws to a close Friday.
AB 506, by Assemblyman Bob Wieckowski, D-Fremont, gained traction last month after the Legislature returned from its summer break.

Earlier in the summer, the bankruptcy bill, the third since Vallejo filed for Chapter 9 protection in May 2008, was stripped to its “intent language” by Sen. Lois Wolk, chairwoman of the Senate Governance and Finance Committee.

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